Deton Solicitors is a London-based high street Law Firm which employs a team of excellent and hardworking Solicitors, expert Caseworkers and Advocates to provide top-notch legal representation and advice to its clients.

The firm takes pride in making clients’ satisfaction its primary aim by delivering tailored advice and representations for each client.

Unlike some other Law Firms which offer same sets of solutions to almost every problem, Deton Solicitors treats each client and his matter uniquely and thereby ensuring that the advice given perfectly mirrors the client’s intended outcome.

Deton Solicitors understands the swiftly changing world and therefore relies on innovation and original ways in finding solutions to the complex legal challenges its clients, both individuals and corporate entities face.

The firm offers a broad range of legal services to its clients, including national organizations and institutions, small and medium-sized businesses and private individuals both home and abroad.

Deton Solicitors is the trading name for Deton Solicitors Limited. Deton Solicitors is authorized and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority—and holds itself to uncompromisingly high standards which put clients’ interests at the forefront.

The firm specializes in the following areas of practice:

The fast-growing Law Firm is well placed to handle both simple and complex cases, and at all times, ensures that the client is aware and appreciates each legal step being taken on his behalf to bringing a proper closure to his matter.

Deton Solicitors’ team of experts are from different backgrounds and therefore bring to the table diverse experiences from having worked for small and large-sized organizations in the UK.