Family mostly consist of the children, father, mother, step-children, grandparents, adopted children, living together or separately. Other family members could also be involved. Whatever the situation may be, relationship can sometimes breakdown that is when solicitors come in handy to resolve differences quickly.

Deton Solicitors has knowledge on all aspects of family law and provide sympathetic legal advice to ensure that the practical implications of any relationship break-up are dealt with properly. We never lose sight of the fact that although practical issues need to be resolved, feelings and emotions are just as important.

If children are involved, we know that your priority will be to ensure their welfare and we’ll provide complete support to help you do this. If situations arise where children may be at risk, we’ll work quickly to protect them.

One way of resolving relationship difficulties is through mediation. Mediation is a recognised process where the people involved in a dispute can come together with a trained relationship expert who takes on the role of mediator and will help you reach an agreement. Deton Solicitors provides an expert mediation service that can often help, avoid more lengthy or complex legal cases.

If you’re looking for confidential and friendly family law advice, contact us and speak to an experienced family law solicitor today.

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