Deton Solicitors has excellent value conveyancing solicitors who are available to assist you whether you are buying, selling or remortgaging a property.

Conveyancing law can be complex, as there are many things to check and consider. For example, property searches, local area searches and title searches need to be carried out. This requires the expert knowledge and experience of a conveyancing solicitor, which we are.

We sets out rules of what must be disclosed, by whom, and when, we also sets out whether the buyer or seller carries the risk of different problems that can arise.

How we can help

By using Deton Solicitors, you know you are dealing with people who have the appropriate professional qualifications and experience and you also know that you are obtaining high quality and good value legal advice.

We would be able to assist with the following areas:

  • Buying or selling a freehold or leasehold property
  • Remortgaging
  • Equity release

And, if you have other property law issues, we can help in all types of property law issues, however complex.

Our Team

Our conveyancing team is made up of Solicitors (with 3 to 8 years’ experience). The team is supervised by a Managing Partner who has over 10 years’ experience working in commercial and residential conveyancing.

What we do

Whether buying or selling a freehold or a leasehold property, the main task we undertake in all transactions include

  • Review your instructions and give initial advice.
  • Review the legal property’s title and addressing issues of joint ownership (if applicable).
  • Negotiate/draft/advise on contractual documents
  • Initiate/respond to any inquiries about the property.
  • Manage exchange of contracts and provide regular updates
  • Dealing with the assignment of the lease (unregistered leasehold properties only).
  • Preparation, submission and payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax returns HMRC if instructed.
  • Register purchase and any mortgage at Land Registry
  • Advising on the need for legal indemnity insurance (where applicable).
  • Overcoming any Land Registry Restrictions to registration of your purchase (where applicable).

When purchasing a property

  • Conduct conveyancing searches in relation to the property.
  • Ensure finances are in place to fund the purchase and correspond with the lender and or their solicitors (if applicable).
  • Report on the legal title and issue a certificate of title in the customary form.
  • Serve a Notice of Transfer on the landlord or its managing agents (leasehold only).
  • Advise on ‘short’ leases (if applicable).
  • Explain the conditions of mortgage offer to you (if applicable).

When selling a property

  • Advise and prepare seller property information / other standard conveyancing forms (where applicable).
  • Follow up with managing agents on inquiries (leasehold only).
  • Discharge any charges (where applicable).
  • Obtain landlord’s license to assign (leasehold only).
  • Transfer any share in a freehold company or a management company to the buyer.